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We empower people to identify and communicate potential threats quickly.

Enhance safety by creating a new two-way channel of communication between people and authorities.

With TapShield, safety officials can better identify threats, prevent crimes and save lives – improving safety to individuals and the community. Our primary focus is on prevention and deterrence, and secondarily on fast response.


What is TapShield?

TapShield encourages information sharing to prevent and deter crime. Colleges use TapShield to lower barriers to communication between students and police.

See the Technology

TapShield is deployed at the largest universities and recognized by the most credible research organizations in the IT industry. Watch this 2-minute demo now to see why.

Students Love TapShield

See why students feel safer with TapShield. Our app is top of mind and highly relevant to today’s college demographic. Students love our clean and intuitive design.


Leveraging Information Sharing to Prevent Incidents

Explore emerging trends in mobile technology that encourage information sharing between students and safety officials to facilitate frequent, easy and risk-free communication that can prevent incidents and deter would-be wrongdoers.

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Mobile Apps and Their Role in Campus Sexual Assault Resiliency

A study on how colleges can embrace mobile technology to increase Title IX preparedness, lower organizational risk and improve Clery Act compliance. See how Millennials prefer to share information with safety officials to prevent and deter sexual assault.

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Smartphone Adoption in the U.S. and its Impact on Personal Security

There will be more mobile subscriptions than people in the world by the end of 2014, according to a UN agency report. This white paper explores the proliferation of smartphones and how this can impact personal and organizational safety.

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How Smartphones are Changing Corporate Travel Safety

A study that examines the ways in which mobile and cloud-based technology solutions can augment and improve upon existing corporate security functions such as: executive protection, corporate global travel safety, expatriate programs and more.

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